Putting a crosswalk in across Turk Hill Road could increase many people's mobility. The crosswalk would allow people travelling between places like the High School to places near Minerva Deland to stay off of busy roads. The trolley path is a very convenient way to get around on foot, but it can't help you get everywhere. Connecting one side of Turk Hill to the other allows people to travel west without having to go all the way to the canal first.

Possible Locations

  1. Winding Brook Drive
  2. Parkland Drive
  3. Stoplight by the Rec Center

Winding Brook Drive

This is in line with already existing sidewalks on both sides of the road, so it will be the easiest to install. This would be the most practical option.

Parkland Drive

This would be the most direct route across Turk Hill Road, allowing the most flexibility in the future. A sidewalk could be built going towards Ayrault, connecting more roads to the Trolley Path.

Stoplight by the Rec Center

There is a stoplight here, so people not stopping would not be a worry. However, the location where it is on the road would not be helpful unless an accompanying sidewalk was also built.


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